Put this nail sticker on and create your own nail art in a snap.

What is a nail sticker?

It’s an item to create nail art design used with gel nail polish or regular nail polish. With nail stickers, you can have the look of naturally hand-drawn lines in your design.
It’s easy and quick. All you have to do is to put the stickers on your nails.
Unlike nail wrap stickers, which cover the entire nails, these nail stickers will give you countless possibilities in your design to create high quality nail art.
This item is a must-have for nail art lovers and professional nail artists.


TSUMEKIRA is a nail sticker brand which delivers you great nail art designs. All of its products are designed and manufactured in Japan.
The brand has a wide variety of designs to offer including gold foil art printing and clear sheet printing.

Contact Us:info@tsumesakirari.jp

Features of TSUMEKIRA nail stickers

  • The clear sheet makes the designing process easy.
  • It is 0.04mm in thickness, and uses a soft and flexible material.
  • It can stick to unhardened gel nail polish, reducing the process time.

How to use TSUMEKIRA nail stickers

  • 1. Apply the base coat

    Apply the base coat and let it cure.
    Note: It’s not necessary to wipe off any unhardened gel.

  • 2. Design

    Hold the sticker sheet over the nail to decide on the design you want.

  • 3. Peel off a nail sticker from the sheet

    First, bend the sheet slightly to get the corner of the sticker off. Peel the sticker from the sheet slowly with tweezers.

  • 4. Apply the nail sticker

    Apply the nail sticker right on your nail at least 1mm inside from the end of your nail.
    These stickers are so thin that they can easily be used in multiple layers without getting bulky.

  • 5. Fix the nail sticker in place

    Fix the nail sticker in place while expelling air with a pusher or a like.

  • 6. Apply the finishing coat

    Apply the gel finishing coat and allow it to cure.

  • 7. Finish

    Remove any unhardened gel and you're all done.