• Making original nail stickers (OEM)

Create Your Own Nail Stickers with Original Design

We provide customized nail stickers service with the same quality as TSUMEKIRA, our nail sticker brand.

We provide an OEM service, private label service in which nail stickers of the same quality of Japanese nail stickers TSUMEKIRA are made to the customer’s original design.Original nail stickers are a popular product that are now being used in various ways, such as novelties for promotion, as merchandise, and as promotional tools. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate or to request information.

Some Scenarios in which Nail Stickers Can be Used

  • Novelty merchandise

  • As a tool to promote

  • As merchandise

  • As original stickers for a nail salon

Special Features of OEM for TSUMEKIRA Nail Stickers

  • We handle small lots

    Printing is possible from 100 copies.For large-volume printing, please consult with us.

  • Selectable sticker specifications

    You choose the specifications depending on the use.
    For irregular sizes, please consult with us.

  • Precision printing

    We use Inkjet printing that can print intricate designs and gradations.
    If you’re not sure about the design, please consult with us.

Examples of Created Stickers

  • Co. PRIME ainumosir Store original nail stickers

    ・Produced for sale. ・Size Width of 68× height of 68mm、Width of 88× height of 120mm

Flow for Making Nail Stickers

How to create printing-use data

The questions that you may want to ask,

How many design can be placed on one sheet?
You can place as many as you want on the size that you choose.
Is there a file for us to send over artwork on?
Yes, we will send you Ai file, please place your original artwork on it.

Sizes and Reference Prices Table

  1. ① Width of 68mm x height of 68mm
  2. ② Width of 88mm x height of 55㎜

  3. ③ Width of 78mm x height of 97㎜
  4. ④ Width of 88mm x height of 120㎜